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Climate & Health Curriculum

Rx for Climate works to support the integration of climate change, environmental sustainability, and planetary health into education for pharmacists and other health professionals at a national and international level.

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Pharmacy Curriculum Quick Start Guide

The Rx for Climate team is working on a quick start guide to assist educators seeking guidance for early implementation of climate-related education into their teaching. Sign up below to subscribe to our newsletter and you will be notified as soon as this resource is available!

I'd like to incorporate topics related to climate change and environmental sustainability into pharmacy curriculum at my institution. Where should I start?

Recommended Readings

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  • Gruenberg K, Apollonio D, MacDougall C, Brock T. Sustainable Pharmacy: Piloting a Session on Pharmaceuticals, Climate Change, and Sustainability within a U.S. Pharmacy Curriculum. Innov Pharm. 2017;8(4):3. doi:10.24926/iip.v8i4.929.

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