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Advocacy & Communication

By communicating the connection between climate and health, pharmacists can help can help others to think more clearly about the urgency of the issue. As a profession, pharmacists have a unique platform to raise awareness of the importance of action to reduce carbon emissions, mitigate environmental impact, and support patients and communities in minimizing the heath harms associated with climate change.

Click here for more information about climate change communication from trusted organizations dedicated to clear, effective communication of the science and public health implications.

Click here to learn more about how pharmacists and other health professionals are taking action on climate!

The Medical Society Consortium on Climate & Health has a central list of advocacy opportunities organized by specific issue. Click the link above to learn more!


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Why is communicating about climate change important to you?

Hayley Blackburn, PharmD

HBlackburn Photo.jpg
"Climate change issues intersect with everything I care about-- taking care of people, promoting health equity, bolstering community resilience, and preserving a clean and healthy environment. Finding connections and common ground with others working on these issues has helped me form a network of amazing collaborators with different backgrounds."
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